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Art And Bonding With Your Kids. Have Fun!

Working together on art projects is fulfilling and fun! Use a Mommy & Me Art Box for a bonding experience. With a...

Get Inspired With Drawing Landscapes

For artists of any age, learning to draw a landscape is always fun. Get inspired to start drawing landscapes! In art...

Creative and Fun Drawing Curriculum For Homeschooling

Designing Art Lessons For Homeschoolers Parents who homeschool their kids have the unique opportunity to custom-de...

Let Kids Learn Art On Their Own

Let Kids Learn To Draw Art On Their Own A big part of learning is being able to explore, create, and be able to ...

Encourage Your Child To Draw & Appreciate Art

Encourage School Children To Draw & Appreciate Art. A child's ability to draw an accurate representation of thei...

Art Education For Children And Adults.

How Art Education Helps To Increase Learning In Children And Adults. Art is a powerful medium of communication and e...

Homeschooling With I Create Art Boxes

In the past year, homeschooling your child has taken on a new life. Many parents now see the benefits and it looks li...

Ages & Artistic Level of Student

You are never too young and never too old for art. The first step is always the hardest and our best recommendation is to take your time, don't rush and pressure yourself. As a starting point, try an I Create Art Box, complete with lessons, material and instructional videos.

Art & School

Remember the old days in school when art was an important part of the day? We didn't have an I Create Art Box back then!

They Grow Up Fast

Enjoy your children while they are young. They grow up fast!

Art Appreciation

Art appreciation with I Create Art Box. Learn how to love art with our art boxes.

Children, Stress & Art For Kids

Relieve stress in your kids with an art box. Check out our collections from I Create Art Box!
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