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Children, Stress & Art For Kids

Children, Stress & Art For Kids

Stress is a prevalent issue we deal with today and unfortunately children are swept up into it too. The symptoms can show up in a multitude of ways from short tempers, stomach aches, difficultly concentrating, mood swings, anxiety or nightmares to name a few. 

Stress has to do with interior pressure from which in sometimes placed on by oneself or brought on from factors outside such as pressure to maintaining high grades, extra curricular activities, social pressure. Add this to our crazy chaotic life styles and children can be affected both mentally and physically as much as adults.

That’s where creativity and our healing art box come in. What better way to reduce some of these pressures and add a little fun and lightness into our lives.  Allowing time for the brain to relax and be creative helps children develop their coping skills. Look at some of the advantages doing an art box for kids provides:

  • Eases and creates a meditative state to temporarily let go of worries
  • Lessens negative thinking while increasing positive thoughts
  • Reduces impulsiveness
  • Increases spontaneity and self expression
  • Builds confidence
  • Gives you a sense of accomplishment 

Want a better way for kids to chill out and unwind? Art is an easy, fun and relaxing activity. Who knows how it can help you later in life, but it definitely is a life skill. Not only can art be done by anyone, it can be done anywhere, at any age & with no rules to follow. Check out our collections from I Create Art Box!

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