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Art Education For Children And Adults.

Art Education For Children And Adults.

How Art Education Helps To Increase Learning In Children And Adults.

Art is a powerful medium of communication and expression - but how does art help children's development? Art actually has a significant influence on the minds of children and adults alike as they enter into new stages in their lives, such as growing up or entering a new school system. The benefits of creative arts in relation to children's development are endless, including improved motor skills and cognitive development.

In our early years art helps to make meaning out of the world we live in. As children grow, they learn about themselves through making abstract concepts concrete through creative arts activities and artistic expression.

2. Art Creates A Positive Impact On Life

Art is a vital part of every human culture, including music, literature, film, and visual art. It is often believed that art is a luxury of the upper class, but it has been proven that this is not true at all. In fact, art can have a big impact on public health and wellbeing. Three ways in which art improves our quality of life.

  1. Health & Well Being Benefits
  2. Builds Confidence & Self Esteem
  3. Helps Problem Solving Skills

Art therapy has been used to treat people with depression, anxiety and PTSD for many years. In studies published, researchers found that patients who work with art projects, like in The Healing Art Box, were able to calm themselves, being the healing process and improved their overall outlook in life.

3. The Importance Of Art In Education

Art is a great way to bring color and creativity into boring classrooms. Art can be used to help students visualize and understand concepts that are hard to teach through traditional means. It can be used to make the classroom more enjoyable for students who might otherwise find the subject dry and difficult. And art can even be used as a way for teachers to explore their own creativity, which will benefit students who see their passion for the subject.

Regardless of your opinion on the benefits of art education, it's clear that there are many good reasons why every student should have exposure to art at some point in their educational career.

4. How Do You Get Your Child Interested In Art?

Parents want the best for their children, and often look for ways to spark their child’s interest in a certain field. Parents want their children to be motivated and successful. The best way to do this is by getting them interested in art from a young age. Here's a tip that will help your child develop an affinity for art: Get them started early. Children under the age of seven can easily pick up on simple concepts of art through activities such as finger-painting or coloring books. 

Whether you are an educator, church/non profit organization or summer cam program, bringing art kits into your school will vastly improve students interest. With I Create Art's Educator program, you can everything you need in one art box to have an effective art classroom.

5. Your Attitude Towards Art Is Important!

Art is essential for the development of human being. It enhances the beauty and aesthetics of life. It helps to develop our aesthetic sensibility and emotional intelligence.

Art makes you a better person in all aspects of your life. It helps you to be more creative, more imaginative, more enthusiastic, and more passionate about everything you do.

6. Don't Let "Art" Be An Afterthought

Art is as important as the 3 R's (reading, writing and arithmetic). In European culture emphasis on art has always been important. Start early by leaning to appreciate the different forms: drawing, music, dance, etc so that you can incorporate art into your everyday life.

7. Conclusion:

Art is an important medium of expression, and it helps to improve the learning capabilities of children and adults. There are many ways for parents & educators to do this. By integrating art into your curriculum or home life, children can learn about art in a variety of different ways. For questions on how I Create Art Box can help, please contact us. You can also watch an Art videos & other I Create Art tutorials here.

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