Homeschooling With I Create Art Boxes

Homeschooling With I Create Art Boxes

In the past year, homeschooling your child has taken on a new life. Many parents now see the benefits and it looks like the trend will continue in the upcoming school year. While not an easy task, I Create Art and it homeschool art curriculum make it easier for parents. 

With a kids art box subscription, you can have projects with materials all laid out for you. In addition, the instructional videos guide you through each art lesson. Add to that educational information and it becomes creative, fun & educational for any homeschool child.

With the upcoming school year approaching, I Create Art will soon introduce a new Homeschool Art Box series, a specially designed homeschool art curriculum. As all of our art boxes, they will be complete with art projects, materials, educational resources & instructional videos. All at an affordable price.

Check back soon as I Create Art Box will have compete details forthcoming!

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