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They Grow Up Fast

They Grow Up Fast

When our son was born, one of the first things someone said is, "They grow up fast. Enjoy it while you can." I remember laughing to myself, thinking no way. Yet, here he is; driving, off to college soon, experiencing the teen years into adulthood.

Whenever I have the chance to talk with parents of young (very young) children I tell them the same thing that was said to me. Enjoy the moments. They are fleeting, First words, first steps, first days of school, first Art Box. The younger they are, the more to enjoy. Everything is a new experience and I enjoyed every minute. While the toddler years were great, I particularly enjoyed the ages when Christmas was surreal to a child. Cutting down a tree, notes to Santa, the magic of the morning. I also enjoyed watching the interaction of my wife and son. Motherhood is a fascinating thing.

Most of all, I'm glad we were around for him. As parents, we made a decision to forgo certain things so that we could be there in the morning, after school and all have dinner together. That has had a huge impact on him and the person he is. 

Looking back I wouldn't change anything, expect maybe having more children. But then again, that's something he can give back to us, plenty of grandchildren!

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