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Memory Frames For Pets and Babies

Memory Frames For Babies and Pets

What are pet and memory frames?

I Create Art’s baby and pet memory frames are the perfect gift designed to preserve precious memories in both picture and clay form. Create a keepsake of your child or pet and decorate your home with images of your loved one. For our Healing Art Box, frames are and excellent add-on option to enhance your healing art kit.

What's included in your memory frame?

There are several memory frame kits available. You can expect each kit to include a wooden frame to hold a picture of your loved one, white, no bake clay to create an imprint, double-sided tape to secure the imprint, and instructions. Also expect the clay to last and maintain the impression forever, making these kits a lasting gift or present.

Which memory frame is best for me?

There are three keepsake memory frame options available, each an ideal gift. Single memory frame for babies and pets are very versatile; it allows you to store both your image and paw or foot impression in the same frame. This means you can rotate the frame to view either the photo or clay impression. Double turn memory frame is mobile, allowing you to rotate it. This frame includes two faces, allowing you to display both an image of your loved one and a clay impression. Triple face memory frame provides the most room for pictures. This kind of frame displays the clay impression and two photos.

Do memory frames make good gifts?

Of course they do! For any new mom or parents expecting a child, these memory frames will create keepsakes that last a lifetime. Give as a shower gift or for when a child just arrives. As a child grows, add more memory frames to your collection. For pet lovers, memory frames make a perfect memorial. Create while they are here or have for when they cross the rainbow bridge. Also, memory frames are for every day life and help preserve the memories we cherish. Create shadow boxes to remember events, milestones and other times in your life that you wish to honor.

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