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Healing and Wellness Art Box

Mind & Soul Wellness Healing Art Box

What is Mind & Soul Wellness Collection?

The I Create Art Mind & Soul Wellness Collection currently has 2 art kits. The Healing Box & The Remembrance Box are designed to help when struggling through difficult times in our lives. Whether losing a loved one (human or pet), bouts of depression, coping with difficult periods, everyone from time-to-time needs something to help create more positive uplifting energy. Healing through a wellness art box allows you to journey through your feelings while creating unique art projects that help with the healing process.

What's different between the Healing Art Boxes?

You will find that Healing Art Box and Remembrance Art Box serve different purposes. People all ages experience emotional distress at some point in their lives. Our Healing Art Box is designed to provide beneficial stress relief and emotional healing with art therapeutics, via a safe outlet for reducing stress and aiding in emotional healing. The Remembrance Art Box is designed to keep your loved one’s memory alive with 2 arts and crafts projects. No prior art experience is necessary as we supply everything needed.

What is included in the Wellness Art Boxes?

The Healing Art Kit includes 2 art projects using Watercolor & Oil Pastel for your drawings. The Remembrance Art Kit includes 2 crafting art projects, a Memorial Plaque & Keepsake Book. Both include all your art supplies, helpful resources and access to instructional videos. The Healing Art Bundle Box contains both art kits in one box for a discounted price. Receive all 4 projects, all materials in one box with instructional videos.

Are there add ons for the Healing Art Boxes?

Yes, there several options to add to your Healing Art Boxes. During the ordering process, choose from any of the following & add to your cart. (If ordered separately, shipping charges may apply.) Mind & Soul Wellness Tea Light With Glass Cup, Mind & Soul Wellness Rose Quartz Worry Stone, Mind & Soul Wellness Bath Salts, and a Mind & Soul Wellness Accessory Pack.

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