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The Journey Thought Art Education

I Create Art put together a series of free tutorials to enhance you art education. Topics vary from using mediums such as watercolor & acrylic paints, oil & chalk pastels, to understanding how art affects our lives. Take a few minutes to watch how our art box tutorial can help you with you journey through art.

Videos Appear In Order As Shown.

How To Use Materials

Using Colored Pencils In Your Drawings (1)

Using Watercolors In Your Drawings (2)

Using Acrylic Paint In Your Drawings (3)

Using Oil Pastels In Your Drawings (4)

Using Chalk Pastel In Your Drawing (5)

Exploring An I Create Art Box

Art Box Subscription & Homeschool Series (1)

Exploration In Your Art (2)

Christian Art Box Subscription (3)

Anime & Magna Drawing Kits (4)

Using A Color Wheel In Your Art (5)

Wellness Art Box: Mind & Soul Collection (6)

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