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Amazing product and class

We love I create art. My son (age 6) loves all things art. These classes are so great because they come with all the supplies needed and he enjoyed following along with the instructor on the computer. Our only suggestion would be to make the recording louder- it is sometimes hard to hear as she is soft spoken. Thank you for this beautiful resource !

We love the one lesson we have done so far. My only suggestion would be to work I. The audio of the videos. They seem very quiet.


My granddaughter loved it.

Unique & Fun Gift

I bought the Hummingbird & Savanna box as a gift for an artistic friend. She absolutely loved it!

My 11 yo grandson enjoyed. He said it was a lot of fun and interesting

5 star

My granddaughter loves everything anime!

Bundle Box Series: Young Artist B

My niece loved the "i create ART" anime bundle I gave her for Christmas. She has learned so much!

Great Gift Idea

Great gift idea
My grand daughter loves it. is was a gift for her birthday and she is very happy.

Great Gift Idea

Great gift idea for creative kids

Plenty of Supplies

Nice box & plenty of supplies.

Everyone Happy

Great kit. Everyone enjoys

Lots of Choices

they keep adding newer boxes so i have a lot of choices in projects.


My 3 children received from their uncle this holiday. Very easy to understand and what's best is that 1 box is perfect for all 3. The accessories (aprons & carry cases) keeps them clean and they can keep the materials in one spot.


Lovely. A friend recommended.

Child Really Enjoys

daughter really likes the projects. Looking forward to the upcoming months

Detailed Projects

As a teacher I like that they really pay attention to detail in the lesson plans.makes it easy for kids to follow along

Nice BD Gift

birthday gift for my niece

Great Gift Idea

Good gift idea for younger kids


5 stars for this art box

Easy To Order

Had issues trying to order but customer service did a great job.

Priced Right

You get a good bang for the buck

Good Quality

My mom really has fun. She thinks they have good quality and she taught art for a long time

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