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Bundle: Creative Artist Super

Don’t know. Given away as a gift

Expensive but convenient

Made nice ornaments. Child friendly for those interested in arts and crafts.

I Create Art Box Accessory Combo

Bought two- came in one box

Overall, I can’t say how the art supplies are, but I bought two for gifts- they came in one box, which is totally unhelpful for gift giving. I bout two- I wanted two boxes. Irritating a bit.

Christmas Felt Ornaments - Kids Holiday Arts and Crafts Box

Thanks - happy you enjoyed.

Great kit

The kiddos had lots of fun making these over the Thanksgiving weekend; kept them busy too. Their mother loved the variety of designs. Think we have a new tradition started -- already look forward to next year's box!



My kids really enjoyed the introduction to different art mediums. The videos are really helpful and I really enjoyed seeing my children's style as they worked on their art. The scripture tied in gave it so much more to the project and the kids wanted to keep going after working on it for over a half hour.

Mommy and Me Arts And Crafts

Great crafts

I love all the pieces and how everything comes together but was put off by the instructions. They are not readily available. I couldn't get started right away. But my daughter did enjoy the craft making process.

Very good

U enjoyed the art box it was entertaining and fun to use and learn the draw!

Kids Art Box Materials Pack B

My son loves it


Once grasped my daughter likes it so far

Mind & Soul: Healing & Remembrance Bundle Art Box

Bundle: Advanced Artist C

Depends Who You Ask :)

My 8YO granddaughter, for whom this is a gift, tells me that it is a lot different from the subscription box that she had received for the last couple of years, and she's not so sure about it yet; she's only received one box so far. However, mommy tells me that it is a great subscription, and that said granddaughter really had a great time with it! Her artwork is now displayed proudly in the house and they are both very pleased with it!

Thank you! Happy to hear she's enjoying!

Expensive for what you get

Ok supplies but I wouldn’t buy again

Art Box C

The products are great

My son loved his art kits

Kids T-Shirts
Jill S.a.R.
Kits and Art

The kits were wonderful, exceeded expectations, the shirts however…3 of the 4 were barely worn, my son leaned to give me a hug and even though the shirt was bigger than he was, they tore. Same spot on each.

Love it

My kids enjoyed the painting supplies. It arrived on time. Stencils are great.


Chose for a niece aged 5. She has really enjoyed this gift. She made a porcupine and drew its habitat. Would highly recommend.

Thank you! Happy she enjoyed the gift!

Easter art

We all enjoyed the Easter Art kit. They did the painting while i read the story.
Thank you!

Love it

My children loved it. They had so much fun and wish we would have got more aprons. They fight over the one. So much fun and using all the paints and stencils.

Thanks! Happy they enjoyed it so much!

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