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Guide Your Child Through Their I Create Art Box

Guide Your Child Through Their I Create Art Box

Does your child ever have a bad moment? Of course they do, we all do. But, do you know what tends to bring it on for your child? Have you ever stopped to look at the variables to figure it out? For my child it’s either tiredness, hunger, or a lack of clear direction. With these needs met, he is open and willing to try so many new things. That’s what we want to teach with I Create Art, new techniques and ways of looking at and making art.

Luckily, if the instructions are read and the background information on the projects are shared with participating artists, lack of clear direction won’t be a problem with I Create Art projects. Always take the time to set your child up for success. Make sure their needs are met for them to have a positive experience with a project. Maybe it’s not their favorite subject of theme but they can still learn something from it. They may have ‘their way’ of drawing. Is there anything wrong with having a style of doing art? Absolutely not. But how can we grow if we don’t try something new every so often? They must have an interest in art, that’s why you’re here, so nurture it.

We talk about the benefits of art on our project sheets and on the website. If you are asked about the traits you want your child to possess as an adult, you may list some things are are also benefits are art… high self esteem, confidence, adaptability, patience, even happiness. When we meet our kids’ needs and give them clear direction, we are rewarded with seeing the pride they have after completing a project. They are gaining confidence in their abilities, they are being adaptable and experiencing patience as the learn new things. They are happy to be doing something they love.
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