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Kids Art Box Subscription

Kids Art Box Subscription

What are I Create Art Subscription kits? 

I Create Art subscription art boxes are a set of lessons, supplies and instructions that can help young artists improve their drawing and technical skills. Choose from 2 different art subscription plans, Curriculum or Creative Art. Each art subscription box helps improve creative ability. Click on the courses below for more information about how they are designed for your child.

Is there a difference between Curriculum & Creative Artist drawing subscription plans? 

Yes. There are differences between Curriculum and Creative Artist subscription plans sold by I Create Art. Both come with projects, quality materials, educational resources & instructional videos.

Curriculum is designed for those looking for of a continuous week-by-week lesson plan. How you receive your art box supplies allow for your own schedule of art classes. Homeschool students benefit from our designed curriculum as well as anyone who desires long term benefits of classroom study.

With the Creative plan, your art box, is shipped on the 15th of each month. Curated from our Creative Artists Series, your plan is for 3 months. You can auto renew the plan (with 10% savings) and you receive an entirely new set of projects. This plan is designed for those who just want to receive a monthly box, without a scheduled weekly lesson.

What age range are I Create Art's subscription art kits designed for? 

Both art subscription plans are designed for ages 5 and older. With the Curriculum art kit, Introductory Art is for 5-9 year old artists. For 10 & older, Advanced Art is the recommended plan.

What's included in the Curriculum Art subscription? 

The Curriculum plan is designed by art educators with each lesson planned out for a weekly art class. However, you can work on your own schedule as everything is shipped together in one box. Intended as a weekly art program, your plan includes lessons, materials, educational resources & instructional videos to ensure a creative & fun art adventure.

Perfect for Home School Students or anyone wanting art curriculum projects!

    Plan Choices:
    • 3 Months (Includes Free Carry Case)
    • 6 Months (Includes Free Carry Case)
    • 12 Months (Includes Free Carry Case)
    • All include lessons, materials & instructional videos.
    • Choose level based on age: Introductory or Advanced Art.

    What's included in the Creative Art subscription? 

    Projects curated from our Creative Artist Series. Each box includes 2 projects, quality materials, educational resources & an instructional video to guide you through your projects. Each art box aims to ensure a creative & fun art adventure. 

    • 3 Month Plan. Box ships on 15th of each month.
    • Each box includes 2 projects, materials & instructional videos.
    • Choose Auto Renew & save 10%. With renewal you are guaranteed new projects that never repeat.

    Click on the courses below for more details on the subscription plans.

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