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Scratch Art Drawing. A Fun Way To Create!

Scratch Art Drawing. A Fun Way To Create!

How to Create Scratch Art and Subtractive Drawing in a Fun Way.

Scratch art is a great way to teach children about the different colors. It also allows them to express their creativity. Scratch art is created by using a sharp object such as a pencil or pen to scratch lines in an ink pad so that color appears and reveals the picture underneath.

1. What is scratch art?

Scratch art is a type of expression that involves scratching, etching or carving into the surface of an object to create a design.

The term scratch art was coined by Urban Scratch Art in 2002 and has since been used to describe a wide range of scratching techniques. Some notable examples are the scratchboard technique, which involves engraving images onto a hard board and then scratching away the non-engraved parts with a craft knife, and the technique of scratch graffiti, which involves engraving a design onto a surface and then scratching away parts of the design to reveal different images.

2. Why is scratch art fun?

Because you never know exactly what color or how the drawing will end up! As you scratch away the layer that covers the paper, different colors and images will appears. It's like a blank canvas except you won't be able to erase, so be sure you like your drawing.

3. How to create a scratch art project.

Scratch art is a fun way to create art without having to know how to draw. It’s also a great way to use up all the little scraps of leftover paper that are everywhere in the world. You can make some for yourself, or you can make them for your friends and family as gifts.

To get started, take whatever size piece of paper you want and fold it into a small square. Then start scratching off the top layer of paper with a sharp object like an eraser. This will reveal the darker layer underneath, creating a unique pattern.

An easier way would be to purchase Scratch Art paper that is already has a coating on top of the paper. (Usually black.) As you scratch away using your scratch tool (typically a wooden pencil like stick), whatever color is beneath will now appear. Us a variety of techniques, such as hatching, to create textures in your drawing.

4. Finally

Scratch Art technique can be a lot of fun for kids and adults alike. Give it a try, and keep practicing until you're able to create beautiful pieces like these examples from I Create Art Box. Scratch Art projects are in the following boxes which include instructional videos on how to create a Scratch Art drawing.

If you have any questions on Scratch Art or about this article, please contact us or watch an Art videos & other I Create Art tutorials here.
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