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Using Art Kits In Your Classroom

An Art Box With Quality Materials For Your Classroom's Creative Potential

How Art Educators Use An Art Box In Classrooms

A box of art supplies is a great addition to any art education classroom. Children are naturally creative and love to express themselves through artwork. An art kit can inspire creativity in your child's everyday life, whether it be at home, school or on the go. I Create Art has a passion for teaching others about how to create and with written lessons, quality products and instructional videos they offer a leading educator art box.

Any art teacher looking to expand their classroom art lessons will benefit from the I Create Art Educator Program. Just complete their form for details.

1. How to get started with an Art Box.

I Create Art Box is an art box with lessons, art supplies and inspiration. With this unique type of art kit, your students will have a tested curriculum to learn from. After receiving your I Create Art Box, read over the instructions to set up your video access to watch instructors guide students through their lessons. Everything is included in your art kits for a successful art class!

2. What are some common types of Art boxes?

I Create Art offers the largest selection of art boxes. These boxes can have different themes, age ranges, and can be customized according to the art educator's needs. Here are some of the most common types of an I Create Art box:

  • 2 Project Box Sets: These are one of the most popular types of I Create Art boxes. Their ages range from Young Artist (3-6 years) Creative Artists (5 and older) and Advanced Artist (10 & up). Each art box contains 2 projects, all materials, educational resources & instructional videos. Bundle sets are available if you want more projects for your art class.
  • Themed Boxes: Based on popular themes, these art kits will focus on a particular subject. Several are available: Watercolors, Art Masters, Acrylic Lovers, Bird Lovers and more.
  • Anime Series: For an older audience, Anime is a popular art form that many students enjoy learning, This series is for 10 and older and comes in different styles and is a specific manga and anime drawing kit.

3. How do I use an Art Box at school?

With an I Create Art Box Educator Program, art education teachers use them in classrooms, after school programs & in summer art camps. Students experienced art as a meaningful personal and social activity and learned to create art that was relevant to their lives. Teachers are inspired by the process, and use art kits in the classroom on a regular basis, and report significant gains in student engagement and achievement.

Learn more about an Art Educator Program here!

4. Summary

There are a lot of options when it comes to art boxes, but few offer the quality and materials that are available in an I Create Art Box. We hope this article has helped you better understand what to look for in an educator art box and given you some ideas on how to use them in your art classroom. If you'd like more information about our product or how we can help with your educational needs, please contact us today!

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