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Parents & Child Special Time With Art

Parents & Child Special Time With Art

Did you know spending regular one-on-one time with each of your children individually can help with behavioral issues and your child's resistance? It’s true. There are many benefits to having Special Time with your child, (especially with an art box for kids) but what exactly is Special Time?

Special Time is a child led planned activity, with one parent and one child. It's a play date with your child, allowing them to lead the activity you've planned.

Over time, you will see cooperation improve, reduction in whining or negative behaviors and potentially less resistance toward your request. The needs are few but your part is crucial to its success. Here are the key factors:

  • Schedule a time and calendar it. Both you & your to child now have a date.
  • Be consistent with when scheduling, daily or weekly.  Have your Special Time, even when your child is misbehaving. (That usually when it is needed the most.)
  • Allow the child to lead the activity, unless is it unbearable or impossible. If doing something like an art box, don't touch their work. Let it be!
  • Avoid all electronics including video games, computers, cells or TV’s. When on a device you're not giving full attention to your child.
  • In terms of the amount of time, ten minutes daily works well for very young children. Longer one hour spans, once a week for older children.
With I Create Art, children can enjoy special art time with any of our art boxes. So give your child not only the gift of art but also the most valuable gift of all: your time. So, start today by pulling out your calendar and adding in Special Time to your daily or weekly schedule. You will see the wonderful joys it brings to both you and your child.


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