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Art Box Materials. Not Are All Equal...

Art Box Materials. Not Are All Equal...

For an art box for kids & adults, not all art materials are created equal. Using good quality materials makes it easier to have good results in your art box projects. We shy away from the typical children’s brands in favor of higher quality materials. When we select materials to include in our subscription & single course art boxes, we are looking for quality as well as ease of use for artists. For example, acrylic paints can be thin and watery, very thick, and everywhere in between. Thin paints make it difficult to adequately cover canvas with just one layer. Thick, professional grade materials are difficult for young artists to apply smoothly. Either scenario leaves the possibility that a painting will look incomplete or messy, or worse, that the artist won’t be fully satisfied with it. 
Sometimes as parents we think that if we buy he most expensive thing we are getting the best quality. This is not true. When purchasing from an I Create Art Box Collection, you won’t have to guess if you are getting good materials, or if you are getting a good value for your money spent. We have done the hard part of sourcing, buying, and testing materials for you. We may change brands here & there as we find new materials that we feel yield better results. The finished artwork of you and your children is important to us.
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