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This Summer, Enjoy Creative Arts and Crafts For Kids

Tired of hearing from your kids that they're bored? Check out this list of crafting ideas to enjoy creative arts and crafts for kids. They can do art projects any time. With basic art supplies, or a kids' art kit, they can have fun during summer, vacations, holiday or family gatherings.
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Mommy and Me Drawing and Crafts Box

Try A Kids Arts and Crafts Box

If you want art projects to do at home then try a kids art kits. For kids of all ages, any kid's art box subscription is perfect for summer or any time of the year.

An I Create Art has projects, quality art supplies and easy-to-follow tutorials delivered free to your door. No more searching the internet, or store runs, trying to find art materials. Their crafting kits are fun for kids and for parents, no stress with these easy DIY art projects.

Try the monthly subscriptions or any of their vast collection of art kits for kids. For older kids & teens, there is the Advanced Art Box.

Mommy & Me Art Kit

Try Collage Possibilities

What's an easy project using many homemade materials? A collage project, for sure!

Instead of throwing magazines & old photos away, store them in a box you can save. When the time is right, use them and make some art. Here are some simple ideas:

Gather those magazine & photos with some other memorabilia and put aside. Next get some construction paper and start placing the items. Don't adhere anything down until you are happy with the arrangement.

Use paint to color cut outs, and glue them onto the background. These embellishments can come from any items around your house! Try dry macaroni. Once your collage is complete, you will have something for your wall.

Try this Collage Box from I Create Art for more ideas.

Art materials from all major brands.

Art Supplies You Will Need

Stock up on these supplies you think your kids will need for their different projects. Remember, with a kids' art kit, they will come with most supplies, but it's good to have extra. Don't forget accessories.

Teen art box

Art Can Be Fun Wherever you go!

With these basic art supplies, kids can do dozens of art crafts projects whenever they want. No more boredom or screentime. Just creative art.

I Create Art Box is many arts and crafts ideas. Check out the collection of kids art boxes here. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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