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Expand Artistic Horizons With Fun & Unique Art Styles

Expand Artistic Horizons With Fun & Unique Art Styles

Every kid, from young to teen, should experiment with art styles.

The journey of creativity is different for everyone. As a young artist gets comfortable with a certain way of creating, they may avoid trying different forms of art-making. For instance, the oil pastel artist might hesitate to try acrylic painting. Or an artist who prefers to draw in black and white might fear the results of trying to create an artwork in color. Experimenting in new areas of art making will help a creative person use different methods and styles. Do not be afraid to try new art mediums that you might find in different kids art kits!

Benefits of Observation

By viewing different ways artists develop their work, you can learn a lot. Observe their use of different mediums, and their creative process. With these nuggets of information, apply it your style of creating. The results may surprise you.

Discovering the Little Things

Look for the little things artists do. Watch their brush techniques. Notice the way they handle their markers or pencils. Do they have a tight or loose grip? It's the little things they do things that can change your perception of drawing.

Creative Development

With experimentation, you will develop a new sense of creativity. How viewed your art may change. Maybe you didn't appreciate chalk, but now you're using it more in your work. Perhaps you are incorporating different mediums together in one piece. This is what makes experimenting fun. You never know what the next drawing might bring.


Creativity is everywhere. There are opportunities to be creative every day. Consider expanding your artistic horizons and learning to focus on the little things in your life. Try these kids' art boxes from I Create Art. They may spark something new in your work. For more suggestions or questions, please contact us.

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