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Fun Crafts For Teens and Tweens

Fun Crafts and Art Projects for Tweens and Teens

Creative and Fun Craft Projects For Teens

Are you looking for creative art ideas for tweens and teens? If so, you’ve come to the right place because you don’t have to look further than this list. Here are fun and simple DIY arts and crafts ideas for teens, that cost little to no money. Grab a friend and some every day items to have a creative and cool activity.

Some kids don't want to be handed the latest gadgets, they want to play and create their own awesome stuff. Beginner and skill level-challenged teens will love these arts and crafts for teens that are easy, inexpensive, and only require a few materials you likely have in your home.

These crafts are great ways to explore your artistic talents without taking up too much time. And if you're in a pinch, they make great last-minute gifts, too!

Quiet Pottery

You don't need a pottery wheel, kiln and other expensive equipment to make clay projects. With Model Magic, Sculpey or other air dry type clays, you can make your own pottery designs. From small jewelry, to cups & plates, it's easy with these types of clay. It may not have the design and substance that you get from making pottery with a wheel. However, you can create your own unique and creative designs.

Decorative Drawings

Using markers, colored pencils, pastels & paints, drawings will add decorative features to any crafts you make. With a drawing, you can add to a collage, glue on items or make keepsake art boxes with your work. Start with a simple plan and then let your creative juices flow as you design your decorative art with your drawing.


Grab items from around the house like magazines, photos, memorabilia and other keepsake items. Start placing on some construction paper and your collage will start to take form. Using cut-outs, create images that bring back memories. Maybe you've spent time at the beach or certain photos remind you places and people. Remove the boundaries and just create. If you need help, try, and I Create Art Box. The Collage or Remembrance include everything you need. Plus the videos will help you get started.

Creative Jewelry

Teens love jewelry, and it's a great way to start crafting. With polymer clay, you can create a necklace or bracelt that can be worn or given as gifts. Today there is a wide range of colors with clay, so you can make many unique and interesting designs. From bracelets to earrings, yarn, string & fabrics can add different textures to your pieces.

More Arts and Crafts Ideas

There are man other different mediums to use for crafts. Try some wood or plastic pieces. Fused together to create sculptures. Try sewing. With fabric, you can make sock puppets, pillows and bandanas! A popular craft is to tye-dye a t-shirt. They are easy to make and is a great craft for kid. You're only limits are yourself, so silence your inner critic and just go for it! 

Some other arts & crafts ideas to consider are:

  • Beading Projects
    • Paracord lizards / snakes
    • Homemade jewelry 
    • Decorations
  • Homemade slime
  • Cake decorating with food dye
  • Origami
  • Make your own soap


There are many ways to find creative and fun DIY craft for teens. They can part of any creative teenage artistic adventure. We've laid out just a few. Search the internet for more ideas or join an art class. Better yet, look at art boxes from I Create Art. Their Arts and Crafts Collection have a lot of ideas. If you still need help, please contact us for any questions.

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