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DIY Christmas Cards Art Box

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Advent Art Box

Creative and Festive. Advent Calendar Arts and Crafts.

The holidays have a way of bringing out our crafty side. There’s something instinctual about using your hands to make something special at Christmas. Plus, with the cold weather, we need indoor activities to help get us through the dark and chilly winter months. If you’re looking for an arts and crafts project to do this holiday season, we’ve got several great ideas you will love. Creative and Festive. Advent Calendar Arts and Crafts.

Advent Art Box

Idea #1: Christmas Tree Craft Advent Calendar

For this Christmas tree art advent calendar, use holiday-colored fabric. Use a different color fabric or felt to cut into squares that for the pockets. Number each pocket with stickers ,sewn or glued to the tree. You may also want to cut a piece of yellow felt into a star marking the count down days until Christmas. Use a hole punch or glue gun to secure a piece of twine or yarn to the top of the tree. Fill each day’s pocket with a written idea for another craft project. You can also mix in candy and even small art materials the project requires.

Advent Art Box From I Create Art

Idea #2: I Create Art Advent Calendar Art Supplies Box

If you want crafts for all 24 days leading up to Christmas, check out I Create Art Box. They have a specially made art supply advent calendar that’s fun for ages five and up! This box includes 24 festive projects that spark the excitement of the Christmas countdown. The projects included are both fun and functional, involving activities from drawing and painting to sewing and sculpting. Plus, everything you need comes with the box.

With each box, you’ll be able to make not only memories but Christmas keepsakes for family and friends!

Advent Art Box With Letters

Idea #3: Letter Arts and Crafts Advent Calendar

A letter advent calendar is a modern take on the traditional advent setup. Instead of drawers or pockets containing prizes, put the contents into numbered envelopes that you can clip to yarn or twine. String the yarn or material of your choice flush against the wall and use mini clothespins or a similar item to attach each envelope. The envelopes should count down the days to Christmas and contain instructions for a craft.

This project is perfect for novice artists or younger creatives.

Advent Art Box

Have Fun. Be Creative & Festive!

So next time you are looking for a way to connect with your children, consider using art. It may just be the perfect bonding activity for you and your family. With an I Create Art Box Collection, you will have plenty to choose from for all ages! Contact us with any questions about how to bond with your child through art.

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