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The Best of Art Subscription Boxes

The Best of Art Subscription Boxes

The 3 Best Art Box Subscriptions For 2022


With the end of the year approaching before we know it, it’s time to reflect on some of the best art subscription boxes available to artists at any level. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for an artistically gifted loved one, or you want to ring in the new year with new artistic goals, explore some of our most popular painting and sketch box subscriptions below.

The best art subscription boxes for beginners

At I Create Art, we are passionate about making creative exploration through art available to anyone. That means providing easy, approachable ways for everyone from children to adult beginners to explore art. Whether they want to take on the young artists series or just explore an art kit, learning art can be fun! Here are our three picks for the best art box subscriptions for 2022.

1. Christian Subscription Box

Price: $39.99

Why you’ll love it: The Christian Subscription Box kids art subscription box includes a different art box each month that combines an understanding of the Christian faith with fundamentals of art. It’s perfect for any Christian family who wants to combine art with their faith. 

What’s inside: Each box features two faith-based projects. It includes everything required for one child to complete the projects in a creative way and to embrace Christian values. Look inside for quality materials, instructional videos, educational Christian facts about the project theme. During the order process, you can order additional materials for siblings or friends.

2. Art subscription boxes for kids

Price: $110 - $325

Why you’ll love it: It doesn’t matter if it's your child’s first time trying art or their twentieth. I Create Art offers varied subscription options to meet your level of commitment to creativity. Our hope is to keep young and beginner artists learning and growing all year long to foster their skills and artistic expression. 

If they love individual art kits, then they’ll love the monthly art subscriptions too. The Curriculum plan is designed by art educators with each lesson planned out for a weekly art class. Whether you want to explore art kits for 3 months, 6 months, or art kit curriculums all year long, you can explore art kits complete with supplies with free shipping. 

What’s inside:  Intended as a weekly art program, your plan includes lessons, materials, educational resources & instructional videos to ensure a creative & fun art adventure.

The best art subscription boxes for advanced artists

After gaining familiarity with the fundamentals of art, young artists will want to shift their experience into advanced territory. We have subscription boxes for that too! Children and advanced artists continue on a lifelong path of enhancing artistic prowess with the advanced art kits available at I Create Art. Whether they want to explore painting or digital art, there are plenty of media to explore and grow with.

1. Art subscription boxes for advanced artists

Price: $125 - $350

Why you’ll love it: If the individual art kits or bundle boxes were a big hit with your child, we’re confident that they will have as much fun exploring their creative side and continuing to learn with monthly art subscription boxes at the advanced level. Subscription plans include 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months—so they can enjoy crafting art during summers to keep their minds busy while away from school, or all year long.

What’s inside: Each subscription level includes all necessary lessons, materials, instructional videos to complete the respective projects. Because these boxes are comprehensive art kits, artists can open them up and start creating right out of the box!


The new year brings in renewed aspirations and artists can develop their drawing and crafting skills to become the best artist they can be. You can watch an Art videos & other I Create Art tutorials here & we hope you choose to work on your art goals with I Create Art!

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