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Anime: A Unique Drawing Style To Learn

Anime Is A Unique Drawing Style To Learn

A Guide To Anime & Manga Drawing For Beginner Artists.

Anime is a term for Japanese animation. It has a distinct drawing style composed of clean lines, bright color and wild characters that have exaggerated expressions, features and fashions. It also has a unique way to storytelling and encompasses a variety of genres, such as action, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy and drama. The artist's style has become popular enough that ‘anime’ can be though of a specific style of drawing in art education. However, learning how to draw anime characters for beginners can be difficult, but with this guide or a manga or anime drawing kit, you’ll be drawing anime characters in no time!

1. Brief History Of Anime

Anime is an art form that originated in Japan. It typically consists of colorful graphics, often depicting action scenes. It is a form of entertainment, and it can also be used to express cultural or social concerns.

The word comes from the Japanese words for drawing (an) and picture (me). Anime has been around since the early 20th century, but it wasn't until the late 1960s that it became an art form. The world of anime has changed a lot over the years. It's a design that is easy to learn with help from artist who enjoy the style.

The term anime is sometimes used as a blanket term to describe all animation originating from Japan. The word has simply come to refer to the most popular form of animation originating in Japan. There are a number of different genres like animated cartoons, TV shows, and Japanese comic books. Manga is another term used to describe the art style.

2. Anime Characters and How They Work

Anime characters are some of the toughest, most believable heroes in the world. They show both weakness and strength in their personalities. They also encompass a wide range of emotions that are identifiable to people from all cultures.

But how do they work? Unlike Western animation, anime is drawn with an idiosyncratic style with a lot more detail, which means that it employs more subtlety. Anime characters are usually based on real people (although exaggerated) and have little to no dialogue or narration. Sometimes they have distinctive personalities or qualities, accentuated by their surroundings. When artists draw in anime style, they try to draw upon their own experience. They love to think as a fan would and relate to what they feel.

3. Getting Started with Drawing Anime Characters

The anime style is a popular and recognizable form of art that's been around for decades. There are a number of steps to drawing your own character in this style. With practice, you'll be drawing these detailed images in no time.

Start your outline with a basic circle, and then expand the shape to create an egg shape. Add smaller circles as eyes, and then two small ovals for the nostrils and mouth. Include hair like spikes or curves to the head, and then sketch the arms and legs. Add details like wrinkles in clothing or a tail if needed. If drawing a girl you may her face and body with a certain look. I Create Art has a kids anime art box collection for learning Anime Character Drawing. Follow and study their manga drawing kit content to improve your skills. Remember, there is no best or right way, and don't compare yourself to others. It's especially important to tell your own story have an open mind to a new story.

4. Tips for Drawing Anime Poses & Backgrounds

  • Drawing backgrounds is a good way to make an anime background look more interesting. Experiment with different types of scenes you want in your drawing, such as landscapes, houses, forests, or skyscrapers. Use the contrast between light and dark to create depth in your artwork. For example, make the person or object in the foreground lighter, while surrounding it with darkness.
  • Practice drawing with a variety of tools to achieve different styles. You can use pens and markers for smoother lines, pencils for a softer look, watercolors for vivid colors, or charcoal for a sketchy look.
  • Try using an Anime or Manga Art Box for kids from I Create Art Box.

Other ideas include:

  • Draw a simple sketch of your pose and background
  • Sketch out the pose before inking it
  • Use an eraser to remove mistakes
  • Pay attention to the details
  • Try the Anime Poses Art Box from I Create Art

5. What to do Next? Suggestions for Further Learning!

A Guide To Anime Drawing: Steps A Beginner Needs To Know is a great starting point. We recommend looking at I Create Art's Anime Collection and also watching their Anime Tutorial. Once you decide, start with a single box and build from there. Choose the Super Bundle which has a complete set of lessons, materials and instructional videos. If you have any questions on Anime Art Boxes, please contact us.

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